EZ LIFT GARAGE DOORS is a family-owned and operated business holding to these values: integrity, excellence, customer satisfaction. To help keep us accountable, we are proud members of the Better Business Bureau. Our goal is to prove to you that there are still honest repair men in the world. We are those repair men!

We are proud to serve Katy, TX and the surrounding area!

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Choose Spectrum Overhead Door LLC today for assistance with your garage door, opener motor, or driveway gate.

Have a broken garage door spring? We specialize in broken spring replacement for less. We offer FREE ESTIMATES and SAME DAY service.

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Spectrum Overhead Door LLC delivers SPEEDY garage door repair at very competitive prices. We understand that our customers rely on the daily use of their garage doors to come and go from their home. The safety and reliability of your garage door is of our utmost concern. As always, we recommend only what you need, and our estimates are FREE!

Call now and experience, "A broader spectrum of service and trust."

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Do you have broken springs, cables off, door off track, or simply a noisy garage door? Look no further than Katy Pros Garage Door Service to provide you with fast and professional service. Katy Pros Garage Door Service specializes in garage door and garage door opener sales, service, and installation for both residential and commercial doors. We also work with many property management companies in facilitating fast, efficient garage door and opener repair for homeowners and tenants. We also sell and service driveway gate openers as well as 2:1 garage door conversions. Free estimates always provided.

A garage is a building or part of a building either designed or used for storing a vehicle or vehicles. In most homes featuring a garage, the garage has a door in the front for vehicle access and a second door from the house. Garage doors are controlled by garage openers, which is a small radio transmitted that can be used from the owners car. Garages can be attached to the home or separate from the home.

Check A Pro /Katy Pros is your local source for pre-qualified service providers in Katy Texas.

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Garage Door Repair Tips by Check A Pro / Katy Pros
Repairing a Garage Door:
Overhead garage doors or door, whether they roll up in sections or swing up in one piece, operate on spring tension which may be dangerous while working with the garage door spring. The door moves on metal tracks on the garage walls, and a heavy spring or springs provide the power. In most cases when the door doesn't work easily, repairs are fairly simple. Here are some helpful repair tips:

Step 1: Check the garage door tracks inside the garage. Look at the garage door mounting brackets that hold the tracks to the walls. If they're loose, tighten the bolts or screws at the brackets. Working inside the garage with all of the garage doors closed you must examine the tracks for damage. If there are any damaged spots, pound them out with a rubber mallet, or with a hammer and a block of scrap wood. If the tracks are badly damaged, they should be replaced.

Step 2: Check the tracks with a level to make sure they're properly aligned. Horizontal garage door tracks should slant slightly down toward the back of the garage with roll-up doors, the vertical sections of track should be exactly level or even. Both tracks must be at the same height on the garage walls. If the tracks are not properly installed loosen the screws that hold the mounting brackets, and tap the tracks carefully into position. Re-check the garage door tracks with the level to make sure they're in the right position; then tighten the screws or bolts at the mounting brackets.
Step 3: Clean the garage door tracks with an approved cleaner to remove dirt and old grease. Clean or replace the garage door rollers.
Step 4: Check for loose pieces then tighten as needed. On hatch doors, check the plates where the spring is mounted to be sure the screws are tight, and tighten any loose screws. On a roll door check the hinges that hold the sections of the door together; tighten any loose screws, and replace any damaged hinges or rollers. Sagging at one side of the door can often be corrected by servicing the hinges. If a screw hole is enlarged, replace the screw with a longer one of the same diameter, and use a hollow fiber plug, dipped in carpenters' glue, with the new screw. If the wood is cracked at a hinge, remove the hinge and fill the cracks and the screw holes with wood filler. Let the filler dry and then replace the hinge. If possible, move the hinge onto solid wood.

Please NOTE: If your garage door has only one spring, at the center of the door, do not attempt to work or repair the torsion spring. The tension is so great that the spring could injure you and is some cases kill you. For doors with this type of spring, call a professional garage door repair service or go to

Need 24 hour service for your garage door repair. Call now (281) 398-7767.
Adam Greer from EZ - Lift Garage Doors is a returning guest on the Check A Pro Radio Show (affiliated with Katy Pros and Check A Pro). Adam helps listeners with garage door repair, garage door maintenance, choosing a new garage door and garage door safety. Adam has decades of garage door repair experience and is here to help you the homeowner with all of you garage door needs.

Garage Door maintenance can save you a lot of money in terms of garage door repair costs. Adam from EZ Lift came out to my house 2 years ago to look at my broken garage door. I told him on the phone that I thought we needed a new garage door replacement. He looked at the door after sending him a picture of the garage door. He said Check A Pro, I think I can fix this door! Sure enough Adam was able to get the door back on the track. He lubricated all of the moving parts and did an overall check of both of my garage doors. Well all I can say is 2 years later we are very happy with the garage door repair and I save a lot of money.


"I had EZ Lift installed my new garage door opener and key pad. They went the extra mile to make sure my new opener as well as my door and tracks would operate optimally. The owner Adam fully tuned up my door tracks, spring tensions and wheel before installing the opener and keypad. I was so pleased I bought my neighbor an EZ Lift gift certificate for a tune up as a thank you for watching our house while we were gone on vacation. If on time, affordable, professional, extra mile, quality and timely service is something you expect from a service provider,
I recommend EZ Lift Garage Doors."

- Mike Calderwood (March 2014)

"The gentlemen at EZ Lift Garage Doors were so helpful, were able to fix my problem and even came after 9:00 PM! They gave me an "ballpark" estimate over the phone and followed up with a more complete estimate before they started to fix my door. They were very professional and friendly. They gave me options (complete with costs) and didn't try to steer me to the more expensive option, just presented them and let me make the choice without any pressure. I will definitely call this company again if I ever have another problem with my garage door or need a new one! Service and employees were top notch, and I highly recommend them!"

- Pamela Crenwelge (April 2014)

"I called them and they were extremely friendly over the phone. I needed an appointment for my grandmother as soon as possible and they were out within the hour. They were also kind enough to give my grandmother a senior discount. They were knowledgeable on the job and I will continue using them in the future for ALL my garage door repairs. THANK YOU EZ LIFT!"

- Jared Anderson (06.13.13)

"Adam and David came out on the same day that I called concerning an issue with my garage door opener. They repaired it quickly and adjusted both doors. Being from the service industry I truly appreciate great service and these guys provide it! I would recommend them to anyone."

- Andrew Wylie (May 2014)

"Great, friendly service! Honest over the phone and took care of a full door replacement at a very reasonable price."

- Adam H.

"Very easy to work with, and communicated extremely well. Found my exact garage door replacement parts which matched perfectly. Would highly recommend."

- Kevin G.

"I heard about Windeevents on the radio show. I contacted EZ Lift Garage Door Co who was listed as an authorized installer. They came out and installed two Wendeevents. They extended to me an introductory price. They arrived on time and were very professional. They had the vents installed quickly and cleaned up the job site thoroughly. I would highly recommend EZ Lift Garage Doors. They also tightened the springs on my garage door for no charge. Adam and David are great guys !!"

- Thomas H.

"Excellent service!!! David and Adam were prompt, friendly, knowledgeable,and very professional. They fixed my squeaky garage door and remote control, made recommendations for future maintenance, and charged a reasonable price. It's hard to find service providers of the high level of quality they demonstrated."

- M. Thomas

"I found EZ Lift on Groupon and called them to repair my garage door. They were right on time and gave me a very professional service. I recommend anyone to take their service. They are very honest and affordable."

- M.H.

"Very prompt and professional. They arrived on time and replaced my spring in no time? Ver highly recommended."

- Dora C

"Professional service by David. He did not try to oversell me and showed the problems left by previous company. I would highly recomend this company."

- James H.

"We had them out to replace our garage door opener. We also ended up replacing all the rollers on all three doors. We were very happy with their service and will use them again if we need to. We will pass their name along to others."

- Ross K.

"I've called and they came right away and he knew what was the problem and fixed my garage door. He also gave me useful informations regarding garage door. Also I've ask if I have to change out whole system because other people once told me I have to, and they told me its still in good condition and I can use this for much longer. I'll like to share this with people because we need to have a honest and good service company like EZ Lift Garage Doors. I'm glad I found them and will keep there phone number and will recommend to all my friends and family."

- M. Lee

"WOW, SO NICE to have an Awesome family owned business to take care of our garage door issues. I actually called the company that installed the garage door and opener that our builder used and 2 days later still no call back from that company, so I went to ' and found Ez Lift Garage Doors. David & Adam came out to our house in Fulshear with a few hours of my phone call. They were very informative and professional . Needless to say my garage door is now running perfect and for such a reasonable price. Now days its hard to find reliable, honest and dependable repair companies you can trust! I am so excited to find EZ LIFT GARAGE DOORS! We will be using them annually to service our garage door. Thanks SO MUCH David & Adam ! Job WELL DONE & Thanks for having such an awesome website that has such Great trustworthy members like EZ LIFT GARAGE DOORS!!"

- Donna G.

"These guys are awesome! Thank you so much EZ Lift for fixing my garage door! The technitians were already on site working on a neighbor's garage door. Talk about service...they came over right away to give me a quote. I paid exactly what I was told and it took exactly how long they said. Fast, efficiant and friendly service! Thanks again!!"

- Lori M.

"We came home to a broken garage door on a Labor Day. The Spring had broken and we could not Lift the door. Unfortunately, my car was inside The garage. I called EZ lift and spoke with David Who willingly came within 30 minutes on a holiday to Make the repair. I was so thankful and very pleased With the service. In less than an hour the Spring was replaced, the door working, and my car out! The cost Was very reasonable & I could not be more pleased!"

- Sharyn S

"David & Adam came out to our home within a few hours of my phone call to them. They were fast honest and very reasonable on their services. Its refreshing to see such a great business who actually cares about the customer. Thank you for having such a great website with awesome dependable businesses. Thanks again to David & Adam at EZ LIFT GARAGE DOORS for doing such a great job!!"

- Donna G.

"I have to say this was the frist time I called a company out and them showing up at my door less than 45mins most of the time you get it will be about an hourr or 2 maybe 3 before we can get out there!!!!

They walked me thru on how they could fix it this way or that way and tell me the price right away and they had the parts on the truck to repair my garage door...

I have to say anytime I need my garage door fixed again or a friend need a garage door fix or whatever I am going to use them and recommend them...

Garage door is working great and opens and close so much better Thanks Guys!!!!!"

- Jeff M.

"I highly recommend EZ Lift Garage Doors, They went above and beyond customer service. I recently bought a new home and needed a garage door opener installed. After arriving at my home and realizing the actual door had not been installed correctly, they quickly alerted me and told me that they would come back and complete install once the builder had the door fixed since it was a brand new home. They could have easily taken advantage of the situation, but they did not. They came back a few days later and completed the job without charging me any additional fees. I was very happy to know there are still honest people out there and I highly recommend them!!!"

- Anne S.

"I called them because of a broken spring on the garage door; they inspected it within 30 minutes; further investigation was required as to what was required and this was fully explained to me, They returned earlier than expected the next day, which I thought unusual and successfully completed the work in a professional manner. An overall positive experience and would recommend."

- Sue M.

"Ez Lift Garage Door service was top notch professional service. David and Adam were very thorough walking me through the issues with my door. They provided many options to remedy my issue with the garage door. Heck they even helped me move a rather large package that was delivered during their visit. A full recommendation from Chuck!!!! They were very honest and did not try to fleece me at all."

- Chuck B.

"Very pleasant experience with David and Adam. Called on a Friday evening, they answered on first call, came out the next day for free estimate and repairs completed Monday. I appreciated their advice about my over 20 year old system that was on it's last "leg" complete with loud squeaking and grinding! Though total system replacement was necessary they helped us out with some "extras" at no charge. And our final price was exactly as quoted in estimate. They were very professional and friendly which goes a long way."

- Kim K.

"These guys did an excellent job. Not only did they get in and out, they cleaned up and had awesome customer service skills. Very personable and knowledge. They knew what issues where occurring after examining the door for a few minutes."

- Brock R.

"Adam and his partner were so nice, friendly and efficient while working to install my new garage door. I would definitely call him again. I would also recommend him and his work to any of my friends and family. Awesome job! Thanks so much."

- Michelle L.

"EZ Lift service is great!! They were recommended to me from a BNI friend (already a great sign!), they came out the same day our door broke, gave us an option to fix that was about half of what a less reputable company would have, and it works like a charm!!"

- Jay D.

"Our 16ft. garage door was suffering after 27 years. We had four problems that needed to be fixed, and my wife and I were not looking forward to dealing with the problem of choosing a company that we could trust to do a good job, and thought a new door would cost too much. Where would we even start? After doing some searching we decided to schedule the free 25 point safety inspection from EZ Lift Garage Doors. Adam and David came the next morning and gave us a good quote on doing the repairs right now, but we knew foreseen problems could be expected later. So when we asked for a quote on a new door with an opener we were excited, as it was within our budget, and we never had an opener before. The next morning they went right to work on tear out and installing our new door. It was a joy to have Adam and David doing the installation, and knowing that we were getting top notch service. The door and opener looks and works great! We could not be happier choosing EZ Lift". - Russell and Jackie (October 2014)

- Russell F.

"Company showed up promptly as scheduled to install Windee vents in garage door. While there, they reviewed my current garage door status and recommended fixing the springs which I knew were incorrectly installed with one new and one old. Showed me how that was stressing the garage door opener. Did not pressure me to fix it, but quoted me a price which I thought was fair and so I asked them to go ahead and fix the springs. They installed the Windee vents and corrected my situation with the springs in good time and I was pleased with the results."

- Bill G.

"Called the night before at 7pm expecting to leave a message and hoping someone would call me back the next day instead got a live person and by 830 the next morning they were at my house taking care of the problem in the rain no less. Great service would definetly recommend!"

- Carlos A.

"Adam did a spectacular job repairing our garage door. He was prompt, professional, honest and affordable."

- Amy M.

"Great company! Adam was courteous, professional, and knowledgeable. I highly recommend EZ Lift Garage Doors."

- Jim A.

"We accidentally backed in to our garage door and damaged it badly. We are so lucky that Adam lives nearby and was able to give us a fast estimate. We are very thankful that he kindly secured our damaged door until the work could be done. They were fast, thorough and affordable, and Adam is very knowledgable and professional. We had two doors installed and they look fabulous! We highly recommend EZ Lift."

- Marcie L.

"Adam with Ez Lift was great. Showed up on time and fixed our door quick. I called and he was at the house within an hour. I will refer them to more people."

- Steven R.

"EZ was Great!. They explained everything that needed to be done and did not try to upsale me. On time and done quickly. Thanks EZ"

- Michael H.

"Adam did a great job on our broken garage doors. He came the same day we called him, was right on time. He took one look and knew exactly what was wrong and he had it fixed in about an hour. He even made a note on the invoice that it wasn't our fault, so our landlord would pay for the repairs. I can highly recommend him."

- Stephanie S.

"I called Adam at EZ Lift based on a review that my wife found. He came quickly, fixed my problem n a timely fashion. He was also knowledgable and friendly."

- John S.

"Wonderful experience, Adam was on time and very professional. Gave me a complete assessment of my issue and what needed to be done to correct the problem. He was very knowledgeable in answering my questions and completed the repairs same day. I would highly recommend EZ Lift Garage Doors."

- Joann B.

"Adam came by when he said he would. Very professional and a very fair price. I would recommend him."

- Jim Y.

"Adam at EZ Lift Garage Doors was incredibly helpful! We were in a huge bind and Adam went out of his way and came by at 7:00pm, long after his office was closed, to temporarily put our garage door back up until he ordered us a new one. If we ever have another problem with our garage door, we will definitely call him! I highly recommend EZ Lift Garage Doors!"

- Renee H.

"Adam was very professional, on-time & fixed the problem in a timely manner. It was obvious Adam new what he was doing & the cost was reasonable."

-Rick C.

"Great job! Called on a Tuesday for my garage door to be repaired. Call was taken immediately - scheduled appointment for Thursday. They came out timely, diagnosed and fix the problem at a reasonable cost. All went smoothly!"

- Nancy G.

"Mr. Greer was a Godsend. he was timely, experienced and informed me in all that he was doing. I would recommend him to anyone for service."

- Jo J.

"We had great service. They did a great job and were very reasonable and honest!"

- Lisa Q.

"Wonderful advice about the garage and knowledgeable about the field. Five stars and would call again."

- Janssen R.

"Called Adam late in the evening, expecting a call back the following day. He called me back within 10 minutes and made an appointment for 7AM the next morning. He quickly determined the problem was a broken spring, he provided options for replacement and had all the repairs completed within 1 1/2 hours. I would highly recommend EZ Lift Garage Doors to anyone who needs garage door repairs!"

- J.D.

"Well, I am FINALLY giving my review for Adam Greer of EZ Lift Garage Doors. I bought a new car in June 2014 but I couldn't park in the garage because it was too jam packed with stuff. It took me several months but in November 2014, I FINALLY called Adam to install a garage door opener for me! I am thrilled! I can't believe I am actually able to park INSIDE my garage for the first time in years!! In fact, the last time I parked my car in the garage was when my now grown daughter was a baby. WOW! What a difference. I am so pleased. Adam worked quickly and efficiently and even showed me that a couple of the rollers should be replaced. He was fair and quite knowledgeable. Thank you so much, Adam for the quiet opener! Job well done!"

- Susan H.

"Adam was absolutely wonderful! He fixed my garage door in record time-very professional. He came to my house several minutes before the scheduled time, which I really appreciated. He had to come twice, because a part on my garage door was actually broken, and he went out of his way to schedule a time that would fit my crazy schedule! If you ever need a new garage door, or repairs or maintenance on your existing garage door, you definitely should call Adam! He also explained everything that he was doing and why..I will always call Adam whenever I need anything done with my garage door. And when I replace it, he will be the person that I will call - Adam, thanks so much!"

- Cathi N.

"Called Adam on a Friday at 3:30pm when I came home. He said "I'll be there in 30 minutes" He came, he saw, he kicked butt! Seriously, he was nice, quick, and very helpful with options galore. Fixed our garage door the same day. VERY PLEASED. you will be too."

- Gus O.

"THANK YOU to EZ Lift Garage Doors!!!!! One morning my garage door just would not open. Therefore, I could not get my SUV out. I called around and the earliest someone could arrive was noon. Was very thankful to EZ Lift. They arrived within 30 minutes!!! I was able to go into the office by 11AM!"

- Keisha T.

"Just had Adam Greer (EZ Lift) by to figure out why my garage door was malfunctioning. He discussed my door as he looked at it and identified what he thought was the problem. I said ok, go ahead and fix it and he said, I already did (he made the adjustment as we talked). He did not charge for coming out and said if that did not fix it he'd go to the next step, but he felt comfortable that this would fix it. What a pleasant surprise! Very nice gentleman, prompt, and I was pleased to have found him. Very much recommend him for garage door work."

- Janice D.

"Adam and Eli kept me informed of their planned arrival time, showed up when they said they would, and fixed my problem quickly. If I have garage door problems in the future, I will be using Adam and his company again."

- Scott W.

"Adam from EZ Lift Garage Door came to review my garage door when it stopped working. He explained me with great details of the issue and also did a good job of fixing it on time. He was very professional and punctual."

- R.P.

"EZ Lift was fast, friendly, great repair. I recommend them for any repair."

- Christie M.

"We really appreciated the work that Adam did for us on our garage door. He could have told me an entirely new door was necessary. However he made what we had work and saved us quite a bit of money. We greatly appreciate his honesty. We will definitely use them again and recommend them to friends!"

- Linda P.

"It is refreshing to deal with an honest repair man! I called Mr. Greer because I was having trouble with my garage door opener. I told him to come and replace it. I was very surprised to hear him say he would see if he could fix the existing one before he replaced it. He had the opera unity for an "easy sale". Instead he found he was able to repair the old one and it only cost me 1/4 of what I was expecting to spend. He was prompt and knowledgable and did his best to explain the details to me. I highly recommend this company!"

- Lori B.

"Excellent service. Called that morning came out that afternoon! Reasonably priced!"

- Dinah D.

"Adam responded to my call for repair after lightening hit my garage door opener. He actually arrived within 30 minutes of my call! He was able to determine the problem and fix it quickly. Very friendly and professional. Will use his business again in the future if needed!!"

- Cheryl B.

"Adam was right on time, efficient, explained everything and cleaned up after himself before leaving. Excellent service! I'm very happy with my new garage door opener."

- Shelia O.


- Mariam S.

"EZ LIft Garage doors was a proffesional and complete service. They were prompt and honest about the repairs needed. If you need ANY garage door work done do not hesitate to call them."

- Kenneth F.

"I was experiencing garage door issues and had my door worked on 3 times with another contractor. I called around to several others, one of which tried selling me a brand new door, when all I wanted fixed was one panel. Adam showed up on time, was friendly, helped me come up with the cost effective solution I was looking for, and now my garage is working perfectly."

- Dave F.

"I met Adam several months ago at a business event. I've been having problems with my garage doors and openers. He came out - did a free inspection, told me what the problems were, educated me on garage door maintenance, and then did a GREAT job tuning up and servicing them. He is professional, reliable and honest. He definitely has his clients' best interest at heart."

- Cathy C.

"Adam and David were awesome! He knew my exact problem and it was fixed in 24 hours! Super customer service and I highly recommend EZ Lift Garage Doors!"

- R.N.

"The spring on our garage door broke and Adam came and repaired it. He was very knowledgeable and explained why our current spring set up wasn't ideal and best of all, he guaranteed his work. I recommend EZ Lift for any garage door repair as the work was done well and the price was fair."

- Emilee N.

"Adam with EZ Lift Garage Doors did a great job replacing both garage door openers. I called because both my garage door openers had stopped working. He came out the same day (a Friday), checked both systems, and gave me information on the pros and cons of repairing vs. replacing. Since the units were over 10 years old, I decided that replacing them was the best option. Adam was back out on Monday afternoon to replace both units. The cost was fair and the service was great. Thanks!"

- B. Turner

"I experienced my tension cable coming off track, so in turn, my garage door bent my tracks making most of my rollers come off track and left door hanging by a limb. This all happened at 4:30 on a rainy day. Adam received the call and was here within 30 minutes. His rate was extremely resonabile and we were impressed how just one man could take on such a heavy, cumbersome job. Would recommend Adam without hesitation!!!"

- Kathleen L.

"I had two dented garage doors and wanted them replaced. Adam was very professional and provided plenty of information for me to make an informed decision. The doors were installed in a timely fashion and are exactly what I was wanting at a fair price. I am now recommending EZ Lift Garage Doors to my friends and co-workers looking for quality garage door service."

- Lisa A.

"Great service....would highly recommend....came out to inspect garage door and in the process of explaining to me what was wrong, they actually fixed some things for free."

- Joshua M.

Work completed in Jan 2015. My garage door kept coming off track. I was quoted a price to replace the rails. When Adam came out he told me it was not the rails and that my bolts were nailed in the wrong place. He replaced one and put the old ones in the right place. The work was cheaper then getting the rails replaced. He was on time, courteous and very knowledgeable. I will def use them again.

- Latrice T.

"I was completely satisfied with their service. Couldn't have been better! I'll use them again."

- Jo H.

"Great! Worked with my time frame, showed up on time. Checked everything, fixed the problem for a great price."

- Joe R.

"Heard Adam on the Check A Pro radio show. He was offering a special of $120 for a $180 annual maintenance service on a garage door. My door was so loud the neighbors thought it was thundering whenever I opened it. Adam replaced all of the rollers adjusted the spring tension, fixed my lock and gave everything a complete lubrication. I can't believe the difference. My door is so quite now...unbelievable! Adam and his assistant were total professionals and knew their stuff. Upon completion I asked Adam what I owed him. He replied "$100". I mentioned that his special was $120. He said "yes, but the first 20 callers got an additional $20 off." I wasn't aware of that so he could have charged the $120, especially since he came all the way from Katy, but he didn't. He's an honest man running an honest business and I HIGHLY recommend him. If you need a new garage door or just a little life put back in your current one call EZ LIFT!"

- John B.

"Excellent service..on time, Friendly,quick and informative....i will you EZ Lift Garage Doors again and recommend to family and friends."

- Scot R.

"Adam came out late Saturday afternoon in the extreme heat and converted our garage door fast and easy. They made recommendations for repairing my garage door opener rather than trying to sell me a new one. Excellent professional work!"

- Eddie G.

"I had problems with my garage door opener (cat chewed the wires) and I called E Z Lift; they were great! The gentlemen were on time, professional, personable, and very knowledgeable. I will definitely use them again if I have problems. I highly recommend them!"

- Jodi A.

"Wonderful service from at Adam at EZ Lift Garage Doors. He diagnosed the problem and fixed the garage door in no time. Very informative and friendly. I am happy to recommend this company to anyone."

- Jennifer R.

"EZ Lift Garage Doors offered very prompt service. The repairman was very friendly and very professional. The repair price was fair and the quality of work was great. We would definitely use them again."

- Doug G.
Adam was very straightforward,responsible,honest and knowledgeable. I highly recommend his services."

- Tito M.
" Adam was punctual, friendly, knowledgeable, and very professional.I recommend to use his service to fix your garage door or install a new one."

- R.R.

"EZ Lift gave a good assessment and carried out a solid job. Timely and tidy."

- Emaka A.

"A+! Very professional, friendly and fast! My garage door was off track and within an hour they were out here to fix it. They explained every step of the process and gave me information to make an informed decision for the future. I would highly recommend!"

- Laura Q.

"Small businesses like this makes a huge impact! I support local business in Katy. Called them out after I was turned down by Alliedhome Warranty's trusted provider as they already had too many business and they don't want mine.

EZ Lift came to my rescue within an hour of calling them. Had my garage door replaced in no time at all. Just like the other comments has put it in, these guys will help you save money. They are just simply easy to deal with and you can feel their honest aura. Their rate for a "regular" garage door is lower than any quote i received and they will build it better than the builder grade.

They are also very knowledgeable with what they are doing. Not only they can fix your garage door, they also know what caused yours to malfunction. This information helps you make a better decision next time around. Hey, the more you are informed, the better.

I highly recommend these guys and if you need any garage doors repaired for anything, call these guys out and they will help you out!"

- Allan R.

"My contractor did a great job in his installation of my garage door. He was courteous, very punctual, provided the information I needed to make a decision, and completed the job on time."

- Robert C.

"Adam did great work at a very reasonable price. He was genuinely committed to helping me get the best value possible He was absolutely punctual and worked steadily and quickly. On a scale of 1 to 10 he was a 10."

- Joseph R.

"The service was excellent considering all the amount of work done to complete the installation (mounting of high lift garage took alot of extra work since the support beams needed were not in place in my home to support equipment and springs to be mounted near the ceiling of the garage). They stick to their bid quote and make sure the job is done with safety as the primary concern for all work done. They spent the time to show me all the proper use of the new garage door openers that were also installed. I would do business and recommend them to all my friends and family."

- Timothy Q.

"Could not be more pleased. A+ experience from initial contact through job completion. Work area was cleaner when he left than when he arrived. Highly recommend."

- Lynn T.

"Adam and Eli came to our home in Sealy the day after we called them. They showed up on time, very patiently listened to the problems we had with all three of our garage doors, and then gave us clear options, WITHOUT ANY PUSH TO BUY NEW EVERYTHING. They did an outstanding job fixing a lot of small problems, and correcting things that were not adjusted or installed correctly in the first place. They took the time to re-program all our remotes, including putting a new security code pad for our entrance gate. It is nice to know there are honest and fair service providers still out there! Thank you EZ Lift!"

- Bill F.

"They were great!!! Were able to get me in the same day. In less then 2 hours they have a new garage door opener up with new rollers and keypad. I will defiantly be asking them to come back to replace my spring once I budget for it."

- Blake E.

"Adam was a complete professional. He came to assess our garage door on a saturday afternoon for free. When it was determined that it was best to replace the opener vs. repair it, he gave showed us the reasons why. He carried all the parts with him so he was able to replace the opener the same time and gave me tips on maintenance for the garage door and opener to keep it in top shape. I would recommend him to anyone with a garage door issue.

- Chris P.

"Adam did a thorough and professional job. Also gave good advice to maintain garage door. I am very comfortable that the opener was installed professionally and safely. If needed will use his services again."

- Paul V.

"Called Adam about a failed single overhead garage door. He came out that day. He assessed the issue and made recommendations on repairing damaged door/making improvements on it and the other door. We scheduled repair the following week. He showed up on time; was very professional. He repaired the door and made improvements on both. He was done in less than two hours. I will use him again and recommend his service to friends."

- Gary H.

"Excellent service, friendly, knowledgeable, and very professional. Adam fixed my garage door spring and lube all necessary parts. Very happy with the service that Adam provided. "

- Armando G.

"Adam was very professional. He was honest, prompt and explained what he was doing. He advised what needs to be done without any pressure and unnecessary repairs of the garage door, I would recommend Adam toanyone for garage door work."

- Dinesh D.

"Adam with EZ Lift Garage Doors was great! He arrived on time, installed our garage door opener quickly, and explained the functions of the opener thoroughly. Highly recommended!"

- Eddie P.

"The spring on my garage door came unwound and called Adam at EZ Lift doors. first thing he ask was a car stuck in the garage, but luckily my was gone. he came out the next day and in less than one hour I was back in business. he did not say it, but I believe if there was a car stuck inside he would have made out that day. Great work and fair price. I will use him again."

- Raymond J.

"Adam and his son were excellent. They were about to make the existing car doors work for what we needed. They were a true blessing!"

- Ronald O.

"Adam arrived on time, did a great job of installing my Windeevent garage door vent, left no mess - he was a pleasure to work with. I would recommend Adam and his company to anyone who needs help."

- Elizabeth D.

"Great service! Adam came out to look at our garage door and gave us several options to fix or replace the door. His pricing was very reasonable. (Less than 2 other companies I called - for the same door.) He was available to answer questions even after the install. We would definitely recommend EZ Lift Garage Doors."

- J.G.

"It's been almost a year since Adam Greer, owner EZ Lift Garage Doors answered my frantic call for help! At 10:30 the night before both my garage doors stopped working - too heavy for me to lift - car in the garage. Next morning - pouring rain - and. . . house guest en route and I had last minute stops I needed to make. Quick online research, call to EZ Lift and - Adam Greer showed up just over an hour later. Even better - he repaired both doors - one only needed a sight adjustment; replaced parts on the other one. Took over 2 hours, he explained every step of the way, was extremely friendly and patient and - the cost was reasonable - very! and the doors are still quiet and working and I am still grateful for all that Adam did that morning. My son was here over the weekend and remarked on how quiet my garage door was -before Adam - even when it worked the noise was embarrassingly loud and unsettling. Sounded like impending disaster - which - thanks to Adam, it was not. I recommend EZ lift to anyone and everyone for all the reasons I just shared. thanks again EZ Lift : )"

- Carol B.

"Came in a very timely manner and did a great repair! Will call again if needed! Thanks!"

- Kim B.

"Adam is clearly knowledgeable and experienced. He assessed the situation, explained what likely caused it, and offered alternatives. Price was excellent and Adam worked quickly. EZ Lift Garage Doors is the only call I'll make in the future, for new doors or repairs. Highly recommended."

- William B.

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